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What is………

Some experiences transcend the ordinary~~~ **SOUND MASSAGE**, without a doubt, is one of them.
  • A unique blend of the nurturing essence of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and Sound & Vibrational Body Therapy.
  • An original massage form created by Barb Nichols, interweaving healing sound instruments of many cultures, as well as various nature sounds--providing a captivating Sound Journey as part of the physical, vibrational body massage experience.

  • An unforgettable experience that is deeply nurturing and relaxing, as well as renewing and rejuvenating for the body, mind, heart, and soul.

WARNING: This massage experience will most likely have side effects ~~~feelings of peace, love, lightness, and joy!

Here are the details... Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed on the body and "played", by rubbing a dowel around the rim of each bowl. The physical vibrations that emerge, travel through your muscles, your organs, your bones, to the cellular level, all the way to the core of your being. It's difficult to put to words the immensity of this profound experience. It's as though you're being massaged from the inside out by the most delightfully delicious vibrations you can possibly imagine. Any stress held in the body begins to melt away~~~

The actual tones heard while doweling these bowls are what gives them the reputation for being "singing bowls". The sustaining, multi tones (primary tones and audible overtones) emerging from each bowl are absolutely luscious and quite mesmerizing, providing an added element to this profound vibrational experience. The mind can't help but let go and surrender to the beauty and peace of the moment. The "mind chatter" falls away as you're guided by the tones deep down in to the peace inside. Your whole being entrains to the harmony frequencies of the bowls, as you find yourself easily and effortlessly riding the sound waves back "home" to that peaceful place deep inside of you, where no stress exists; remembering the loving feeling of your own true essence in its purity; and basking in the beauty of the moment.

The amazing thing is these healing sounds are not only heard, but also felt as vibration coming up through the body by way of a vibro-acoustic water table. There are actually speakers inside this waterbed table that transfer the sounds, tones, and vibrations up through the water to the body. There's a comforting, warm temperature that also rises up through the table, while your body is flexibly supported by the water mattress, as though almost floating. Any stress simply melts away~~easily and effortlessly~~ and you find yourself basking in the PEACE of your own essence, in harmony with the beauty of the moment.

In addition to the Tibetan bowls, there are many other elements that may be woven into a SOUND MASSAGE that help create a memorable, magical experience~~~ for instance:

~ the magnificent, mesmerizing, deep sustaining tones of a Balinese Gong.

the clear bell-like tones of tubular chimes, or Tibetan tingshaws.

~ fairy-like tinklings of obsidian windchimes or other types of windchimes.

the mysterious, captivating sounds of a waterphone, or the call of an ocarina.

~ melodic harmony chords played through the body via speakers in the

the sounds of ocean waves,
or the rainforest, a babbling brook, or maybe the sounds of the desert, transporting you to your own personal place in nature.

~ the yummy, deep sound of a pow wow drum, providing a gentle heartbeat rhythm and vibration in the body for grounding.

This is most likely an experience unlike any other you've ever had--an experience that's beyond words really…..

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, known as "the Gentle Hand of the Mother", is possibly the best type of bodywork that can be used to assist in this total "letting go" sound experience--a firm, yet gentle touch that invites the body to surrender and let go. There's a grace and beauty that's felt within the fluid, sweeping massage strokes that also connect you with the beauty of the moment. Your emotional and spiritual body are being massaged along with the physical body.

“WOW! That was FABULOUS! My body feels vibrant and alive, my mind relaxed and clear. I felt as if I was experiencing myself on a molecular level. The experience feels multi dimensional.”

—J. G.



"I could feel my mind and body taking a deep breath, like I am coming home to my body. I could feel an opening in my heart, a feeling of letting go and opening to my own internal strength being nurtured. I forgot about thinking for a while…. Amazing….. incredible……such a peaceful feeling…. There's this OPEN feeling, a feeling that everything is OK as it is……"

— Karin Watson


“That was GREAT! I went off to another realm, and that’s just what I needed.”

—Rhonda Salerno









"WOW……that was AMAZING!!"

"Wonderful beyond words…
unlike anything else I've ever experienced…"
















Sound Massage is surely an unforgettable,* magical* experience. It is massage--and so much more….. I hope to be able to share
this awesome experience with you.
~~~ Thank you.



Call Barb for an appointment at 360-331-5033; or email: barbnichols@whidbey.com