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I always feel so good after this---much better than when I walked in. This is the only massage where I feel like this afterward---very relaxed, yet alert and awake and feeling joyful."

— Cindy Mason


"I felt like I was in the womb, surrounded by the vibration."

— Mama Kim Dietz



"You brought me back to my authentic self. You removed all the environmental toxins that were in the way. That was amazing….I want one of these tables at home! And those BOWLS…. I didn't even feel the weight of them after a while."

—Melissa Kempt




"INCREDIBLE!! I've never experienced anything like this. So unusual, and so powerful….. Those vibrations…….WOW!"

"Sooooo relaxing…"

"I feel centered, balanced."

"This is somethin' else!-- WOW!!"

"I feel energized and alert, yet soooo relaxed……., all at once."


Barbara Nichols has been a licensed massage practitioner since 1985, specializing in Lomi Lomi, a deep yet gentle, nurturing type of Hawaiian massage. Since 1995, she's been specializing in combining Sound & Vibrational Therapy with Lomi Lomi Massage, and calls her unique massage form SOUND MASSAGE. Her home is in the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island in the State of Washington, where she resides with her husband, artist Michael O'Neill.

In 1990, Barb and Mike had the honor of a close encounter with humpback whales while snorkeling in the Hawaiian waters:

"The whale's beautiful song, a mesmerizing melody of long, sliding tones, touched me ever so deeply. I found myself basking in a joyful, loving feeling so immense that it's indescribable in words. The physical vibrations of the tones were so powerful that I became simply energy vibrating. It's as though I was pure energy without the density of physical form. After the sounding ceased, I found myself eye to eye with this whale, basking with him in a "bubble" of stillness and silence. We were in an endless, timeless moment beyond peace. An awesomely, unforgettable experience! I felt profoundly affected on all levels of my being. 'How did this happen; how did I end up in the armpit of a humpback whale?' you might ask. All I can say is I'd been asking for this experience, and one morning we were floating, snorkeling in a bay, and three humpback whales arrived and swam over to us, gracing us with their majestic presence……….quite magical to say the least! These whales sparked something in me; woke up something deep inside of me that is ever growing and expanding. I'm forever grateful for what was given to me that day…………"

Ever since "the whale experience", Barb has been exploring the wonderful world of healing sounds and vibrations. She has been devoted to finding and developing ways of simulating that magical, vibrational experience of inner peace and harmony for others, and guiding others into the essence of the experience she had with the whales. Tibetan Singing Bowls have proven to be an amazingly potent tool for providing Barb's massage clients with an unforgettable, transformative, vibrational experience. Stress simply melts away, as they are guided on a deeply relaxing, pleasant sound journey----deep down in, where the peace and harmony reside. An awesome experience that's truly beyond words. And now, with the addition of a vibro-acoustic water table, the vibrational experience is enhanced even more.


"Being massaged by sound waves coming up through the water table is bringing us even closer to the essence of the whale experience. The tones and vibrations travel up through the waterbed mattress and permeate the cells in the body from below, while the Tibetan Bowls played on the body do the same from above. New, exciting territory within is continually being revealed and experienced by my clients, as well as myself…….we're all on this journey together……. The World of Sound & Vibration can take us deep down into our core, where we can discover and tap into the true gifts of ourselves in a most profound, magnified way. And the more often we visit this place inside, the stronger those frequencies become, until that's who we are, that's what we vibrate at, and that's what we have to share with the world around us. We're simply magnifying the healthy, harmonic frequencies that exist in our bodies, and bringing them to the foreground for a feeling of more vibrant health, peace, love, and joy.

Everlasting Peace in the world?
Great vision, great goal……
Peace inside?
Best vision, best goal of all, for that's where it all begins……"


Barb and Mike have enjoyed living on Whidbey Island since 1990.


"Nature abounds here, and is also a profound, ongoing catalyst in sparking my joy and creativity, while guiding me forward on my Life's Path. The gifts that nature and the animal kingdom have to share are continually feeding me, sustaining me, and assisting me in tapping the gifts within my own self to enjoy, as well as share with the world. I'm most grateful for this, and also for the immense love and support of my life mate, Mike~~

Call Barb for an appointment at 360-331-5033; or email: barbnichols@whidbey.com