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Resting In The Cave: (listen) 
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Basking in Sweet Waters: (listen) 
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$16.00 each (for 1-4 CD's)
$14.00 each (for 5 or more CD's)


Sound Journey: Deep In The Cave


This 69 minute CD, released October 2009, has been especially designed to assist people in attaining deeep relaxation, and for those who need it, deep, restful sleep~~~ You are taken on a pleasant, mesmerizing journey that entices the mind to relax, let go, and surrender to the beauty and serenity of the moment.

Nurturing sounds of nature guide you on your Sound Journey into the forest, into a cave, and eventually by a babbling brook. Inviting, soothing tones and drones of Tibetan Singing Bowls, along with the deep emanation of a Balinese Gong, lull you deep down in~~~ to an unmistakable place of peace & harmony…. a safe place deep inside where you can easily bask in the beauty of the moment. Other natural instruments, such as ocarinas, windchimes, mbira, and sustaining tonal bars, enhance your restful experience.

This is my first CD, which reflects the essence of the Sound Journey experience that I share with my massage clients. My hope is that many more people around the world, as well as my clients, will now use this as a way to bask in a Sound Journey experience as often as they like, in the comfort of their own homes.

As you will find from the testimonials below, this CD is a great accompaniment for yoga, meditation, and massage, as well as being simply an effective tool for attaining a deeply relaxed state of consciousness (alpha and/or theta) or for falling into a deep, restful sleep (delta state).

     “I’ve been using this extraordinary CD in my vibrational healing practice the past few months. I have several clients who specifically request it as it helps them go easily into a deeply relaxed state. My women’s spirituality group loves it, too! As relaxation CD’s go, ‘Sound Journey-Deep in the Cave’ is truly outstanding.”
—Sue Averett, Sacred Essence Work/Vibrational Healing

     “I first listened to your ‘Sound Journey-Deep in the Cave’ CD in my home where my children, 4 years old and 2 years old, intently listened to it while playing imaginary animal games. They later requested I play it again. I now use the CD to promote calm play between my kids.
     As a massage practitioner, I would highly recommend this CD to health practitioners who want to use the power of nature and instruments in their work. After having received massage with this CD playing, many of my clients have requested it again for their sessions.
     I personally love hearing the little frogs singing, the hoot of the owl, a flowing stream and the calming sounds of the Tibetan Singing bowls. The CD takes the listener from deep within a cave, complete with dripping sounds, to a stream, giving the feeling of ‘emerging’."
Candice Burt, LMP

     "Several weeks ago I purchased ‘Sound Journey-Deep in the Cave’—came home and decided that since it was raining, I would read and listen to the CD—several minutes into the disc, I heard gongs and then birds—suddenly, my book fell onto the floor and I was listening only to the sounds—it took me somewhere that I have never been before—am one of those people with an always active mind that seems to never stop but this disc took me to another level of serenity that I had never experienced before—when it was over, I felt like I had been in a trance and was so relaxed—I recommend the CD to anyone who wants to just relax and ease stress—"

— HM




     “I gave your ‘Sound Journey-Deep in the Cave’ CD to a friend of mine who has a very difficult time falling asleep. He tells me he hasn’t heard it all the way through yet! About all he recalls are the sounds of the birds’ twilight singing and tells me that he falls asleep by the second water droplet, waking refreshed and rested in the morning. And may I add…not a fan of synthesized artificial sound on many, so-called relaxation and meditation recordings, I truly appreciate the real earth sounds and naturally resonant instruments so beautifully recorded on your Sound Journey CD. Thank you, Barb!”
Nancy Nolan, Professional vocalist/musician

     “My 10 year old son was having trouble sleeping, was having some nightmares and wasn’t able to go back to sleep easily. I was in a quandary as to what to do to help. He started using your CD every night, and was able to sleep again—and there were also no more nightmares from the time he started using the CD! After a few weeks, he decided to stop using it, and he’s still sleeping well, all on his own.”
— Charlene Suzuki, Langley, WA

     “When I listened to ‘Sound Journey-Deep in the Cave’ I was completely blown away. I was not prepared to be truly transported to the forest, sea, and the deep cave of my soul. I was transported to a place just outside of my consciousness where the sound of the Tibetan bowls and gong gently called me back. I returned nourished and deeply relaxed. The next evening I introduced the CD to my yoga students, and everyone was transported to the cave and the space of deep relaxation. After the class finished, people asked where I got that music and expressed their deep appreciation. This CD was so supportive, I experienced it as a new friend. It helps me and my students to engage with our deeper selves in the asana practices as well as in the relaxation. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone wishing to cultivate a deep relaxing and nourishing practice.”

— Victoria Santos, Kripalu yoga teacher, Langley, WA

     “We love this CD! I’ve been playing it every night for my ten year old daughter. I stay with her and meditate til she falls asleep. I specially love the birds in the beginning. It’s just like being in our back yard in the summer. My mind wanders as I drift into stillness.”

     “Thank you so much for sharing such a fantastic work of art with us. Once we received the CD we immediately put it on and relaxed—I think we were asleep within 10 minutes of ‘resting in the cave’!! We will forever be grateful to you while we sleep and are rested throughout the day!!”
Katie Patneaude, New York City, NY

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