Barb Nichols’ Background

Barb Nichols is widely known for her inventive form of Sound Massage. She has been a licensed massage practitioner since 1985, specializing in Lomi Lomi, a deep yet gentle, nurturing type of Hawaiian massage. Since 1995 she’s been specializing in combining Sound & Vibrational Therapy with Lomi Lomi Massage, and calls her unique massage form SOUND MASSAGE.

Barb served the Whidbey Island area in the State of Washington for 30 years, from 1990 through 2019, and in early 2020 moved her practice to Costa Rica.

Barb Nichols

What inspired Barb to create her specialized form of Sound Massage?

In 1990, Barb and her husband Mike had the honor of a close encounter with humpback whales while snorkeling in the Hawaiian waters.

“The whale’s beautiful song, a mesmerizing melody of long, sliding tones, touched me ever so deeply. I found myself basking in a joyful, loving feeling so immense that it’s indescribable in words. The physical vibrations of the tones traveling through the water were so powerful that I became simply energy vibrating. It’s as though I was pure energy without the density of physical form. After the sounding ceased, I found myself eye to eye with this whale, basking with him in a “bubble” of stillness and silence. We were in an endless, timeless moment beyond awesomely unforgettable experience! I felt profoundly affected on all levels of my being. ‘How did this happen, how did I end up in the armpit of a humpback whale?’ you might ask. All I can say is I’d been asking for this experience, and one morning we were floating, snorkeling in a bay, and three humpback whales arrived and swam over to us, gracing us with their majestic presence.....quite magical to say the least! These whales sparked something in me, woke up something deep inside of me that is ever growing and expanding. I’m forever grateful for what was given to me that day.....”

What inspired Barb

Ever since “the whale experience”, Barb has been exploring the wonderful world of healing sounds and vibrations. She has been devoted to finding and developing ways of simulating that magical, vibrational experience of inner peace and harmony for others, and guiding others into the essence of the experience she had with the whales. Tibetan Singing Bowls have proven to be an amazingly potent tool for providing Barb’s massage clients with an unforgettable, transformative, vibrational experience that is truly beyond words.

Barb's Mission, Intention and Vision

Barb’s Mission in sharing her form of Sound Massage is to provide you with an extended immersion into a world of peace and serenity, through the powerful Sounds of Nature, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and actual physical massage.

Barb’s Intention for you as her client is:

1. To give you one of the best, if not the best, massage experience of your life.

2. To guide you on an enjoyable sound & vibrational journey down into your core, where your true essence lives and where true healing and balancing of your energies can take place.

3. To have you walk out the door with the peace and harmony still vibrating strongly inside of you, feeling the natural glow of your pure essence of love and joy.

Barb holds a Vision of Health for our busy society---the existence of a health maintenance program that is embraced and practiced by all that not only entails a good diet and exercise on a daily basis, but also includes a daily focus on the health and well being of our emotional and mental body as well---having a daily routine of tending to and feeding our peace of mind, heart & soul. By recognizing the value of addressing and diffusing our every day stress on a daily basis, we can avoid a whole lot of discomfort and physical illness. Some people meditate to attain this goal. Many others can’t seem to find their “way in”. As an alternative, Barb’s mission is to build an awareness of something so under-estimated. Simply being out in Nature and taking in its many gifts with all of our senses is extremely powerful in maintaining or regaining emotional balance in our lives. To give this to ourselves even just 20 minutes per day can do wonders for our overall health and well being.

And if it’s not physically possible to at least take a walk or relax in Nature directly because of constraints of one sort or another, simply listening to pleasant recorded nature sounds or watching nature videos can have an amazing, positive effect on our well being. The most important thing to remember is to give this, or something similar, to ourselves every single day, just like we do with food and water. This is Food for the Soul--just as important as Food for the Body--for maintaining our daily good health.

Another powerful tool for feeding our emotional and mental health is the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Like Nature Sounds, the Bowls are so under-estimated for their gift to our emotional and mental balance; and for the most part are unknown in the main stream world of medicine. By ringing and listening to a Tibetan Singing Bowl for even just 5 minutes every single day, we can reap great benefit for our health and well being. The tones are absolutely magical in that you instantly fall into a feeling of peace and serenity. The mesmerizing tones instantly diffuse any stress built up in your body during the day. Also, just ringing a bowl a few times first thing in the morning can start off your whole day on a very peaceful, positive “note”--a great form of preventative maintenance.

Located in Finca Lagunas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.