I always feel so good after this---much better than when I walked in. This is the only massage where I feel like this afterward---very relaxed, yet alert and awake and feeling joyful.
Cindy M.

I felt like I was in the womb, surrounded by the vibration.
Kim D.

I’ve had this pain in my low back for months now, and…..it’s GONE! I can’t believe it! Nothing has worked til now. Thank you!
Mary Anne S.

You brought me back to my authentic self. You removed all the environmental toxins that were in the way. That was amazing.....I want one of these tables at home! And those BOWLS....I didn’t even feel the weight of them after a while.
Melissa K.

WOW! That was FABULOUS! My body feels vibrant and alive, my mind relaxed and clear. I felt as if I was experiencing myself on a molecular level. The experience feels multi dimensional.

I could feel my mind and body taking a deep breath, like I am coming home to my body. I could feel an opening in my heart, a feeling of letting go and opening to my own internal strength being nurtured. I forgot about thinking for a while .... Amazing ....incredible....such a peaceful feeling.....There’s this OPEN feeling, a feeling that everything is OK as it is.....
Karin W.

That was GREAT! I went off to another realm, and that’s just what I needed.
Rhonda S.


WOW! That was AMAZING!

INCREDIBLE! I’ve never experienced anything like this...

So unusual, and so powerful...those vibrations....those Bowls....WOW.....

Sooooo relaxing....I was almost asleep, but still somehow aware...

I feel centered, balanced.

Ahhh...I feel so good....joyful...and peaceful.

I feel energized and alert, yet sooo relaxed....all at once.


The Sound Massage I offer is surely an unforgettable, magical experience. It is massage and so much more.... I hope to be able to share this awesome experience with you.
~~~Thank you

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